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When the Port of Long Beach California has an emergency 20" water/sewer main burst, they call IFT to stop the problem by performing an emergency linestop.

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Line stopping two 20inch, 50 year old cast iron waterlines at 80 PSI for the city of Norfolk, Virginia. Emergency Linestop of two 54inch steel concrete pipe at 150 PSI in Carson, California. Hot Tapping the 54inch pipe, prepping for the linestop in Carson, California. Fire hydrant blow out needing an emergency linestop from IFT.

Equipped to Perform 84" Linestops

Fully equipped to handle the most demanding sewage spill, water spill and chemical spill emergencies. IFT specializes in large linestops and hottaps nation wide. Only a handful of companies exist that can linestop the sizes we specialize in. Choose your emergency linestop company wisely! If you don't make the right call in this industry it can cost you a fortune.


Emergency small - large linestop solutions for Sewage Spills, Water Spills, Chemical Spills 3/4 - 84" pipeline services available to public and private facilities.


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The experts in large linestops and

Stopping Sewage Spills.



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IFT Assists the City of Laguna Beach in An Emergency Sewage Spill and provided a 100% linestop within hours.


            Recently, International Flow Technologies rushed to an emergency sewage spill for the City of Laguna Beach because a sewage plant had a main line valve fail which required a line stop so that the valve to the pump station could be replaced to stop the over flowing sewage dilemma. Both City Staff and Dudek personnel called upon with Mr. Jeff Maichel (International Flow Technologies) to discuss re-use of the line stop his company previously installed near the intersection of Galen Drive and Blue Bird Canyon Drive. In essence, the line stop was put into place and saved Laguna Beach from suffering a sewage spill onto the beach and into the Pacific Ocean. IFT's quick response allowed the pump station to continue operations at normal capacity avoiding any EPA backlash.

            International Flow Technologies works along side many Nuclear Power Plants, Chemical & Petrochemical Plants, Fossil Fuel Power Plants, Hotels, Paper Mills, Office Buildings, Fire Protection Systems, Refineries, Schools, Hospitals & Institutions, Industrial & Commercial Production Facilities, Telecommunications Facilities, Water & Sewage Treatment Plants, Malls, & Shopping Centers on emergency standby for whenever our hot tapping, line stopping, Insert Valves Installation, pipe freezing and our many other services are needed.